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                       By Waheed Murad Rumi (Chief Executive RAAC)

Gilgit Baltistan region posseses an asortic attraction in its culture and traditions. It comprises of mainly 7 districts with different local languages, costumes,cultural dance and traditions ,which distinguish the entire Gilgit Baltistan from other parts of the country.

District Hunza/Nagar:                                                                                                               

White topi (pharchin) with a flower at the front side, long Chugha (Shuqaa), woolen shirt and                     trousers with cultural local motifs, woolen socks and shoes known as Sandal or Huchu. A woolen belt tied up along the waist known as Oshchum in Urdu known as Kamarband.


District Gilgit:                                                                                                                       

 White topi with a Gamburi at the front side, long Chugha (Shuqaa), woolen socks, Shalwar    Kameez.


·      District Skardu: Brown topi, woolen dress and shawl, woolen multicolored socks, boots.


District Ghanche:                                                                                                                      Brown or Black Topi, Shalwar Kameez, woolen shawl with gulkari motifs on boarders of the shawl.


·      District Ghazar:

White Topi, Chugha, boots, kamarband and woolen dress.


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5 babar  
its a great website. i got much information frm this site. so keep it up...............

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3 VaraIdeomma  
What day isn't today?

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2 Sara  
Its a great website, a great institution as well. I believe its an opportunity for the students of north to expose their talent not just in Painting but in Music as well.

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1 lklmmm  

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