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3 Months Wood Work Traning

"Series number , working subject , time ,tools , Groups , Working Image or Drawing”

Introductionshort traning Period is for 3 months.short traning  program for 11 weeks. And last 1 week is for test .Rumi acadenmy of Arts conduct these type of traning in future for Youth Male & 1st and 2nd week Rumi Academy focused on Drawings, Details and Stanciles .During the time of tarining we will  give the awarenes.1st safty and detail information about the machine .

1st week:

·       World wide information  & History of the Green wood

·       Introuction about Program ,Desginer , Master Tranier & Site Incharge.

·       Introduction about weekly work Plan .

·       Introdution about tools.

·       Start working on Drawings & paper Models .

·       Dimension


2nd Week :

·       Awareness of different wood from the area.

·       Awareness of the tree cuting .

·       Seasoning Awareness.

·       Wooden Shapes

·       Colors  



3rd week:

·       Wood Cutting

·       Wooden Joints Detail


4th Week:

·       Wood Cutting

·       Wooden Joints Detail

5th week :

·       Wood Cutting

·       Wooden Joints Detail

6th week :

·       Working on Planner

·       Working on wooden Product

·       Out door Trip focus on wooden product in the area


7th week :

·       Marketing Awareness

·       Working on Mini wooden products

8th week :

·       Working on Mini products

9th week :

·       Product Test

·       Display



10th week:

·       Working on wooden large Products. 

11th week:

·       Working on wooden large Products.

12th week:

·       Final Test

Note: Candidates who passed their test will prefer for further Advance Training or Special Trainings (Wood Carving, Wooden Jali Work & Mini Wooden Decoration



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